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Howdy !
Life-long cowboy and Your Host: Al Heaton.
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ast Pines is a Southwestern Colorado working cattle ranch. We raise Natural Beef and invite you to join us for a time in the saddle as a guest wrangler. You can sign on here for a taste of the "Old West". Join our outfit for a week and work alongside real cowboys, ridin' the range, mindin' the herd and livin' the cowboy life. By weeks end, you'll feel like an "ol' cowhand!"


This is a view along the Delores River -
Fall in the
spectacular Dolores River Canyon. The Trail Drive to the Winter range at Slick Rock goes down this canyon.

magine skies so full of stars that they glow at night. Savor the warmth of the campfire and that first cup of campfire coffee at sunup as the sun sets the sky ablaze. The air is clean. The earth is fresh with the sweet smell of pine, and the unmistakable scent of wild sage. There's no city smog out here ! We're probably a bit biased, but we love livin' the cowboy life !

 Come on in and have a look around. Learn a bit about our spread and ranching operation, and about raising beef the way Nature intended. See a bit of our country and what it is that we do. If we catch your fancy, we'd love to have you join us for a spell!
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